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Saxophone TARTYP

TARTYP-Organized Sound Objects for a Saxophone Composition

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En Ex Ey E Hn Hx Tn Tx T N X Y W N' X' Y' Phi N" X" Y" K Zn Zx Zy P An Ax Ay A

created by Israel Neuman

Saxophone TARTYP (Working Title)

for saxophone and live electronics

  • A compositional process ingrained in Schaefferian theory as well as Transformational theory, utilizing the TARTYP generative grammar tool, the interactive K-Network tool and probability-based mapping of pitch classes to sound objects.
    This compositional Process include:

    • Creating new sound objects that match the TARTYP taxonomy
    • Organizing these sound objects into sound spaces
    • Analyzing sound spaces to define:
      • Order
      • Internal segmentation
      • Pitch Class to Sound Object Probability Mapping
    • Using the interactive K-Networks tool to generate pitch material for the saxophone part
    • Shaping sound objects in saxophone part based on pitch class to sound object probability mapping
    • Using the interactive K-Networks tool and the sound spacer interface to create interactive electronics

  • Recording

  • Score PDF

  • Sound Spaces Data PDF

  • Generating K-Network PDF

  • Pitch-Class Analysis PDF

  • Complete Sound-Object Analysis PDF

  • Detailed Sound-Object Analysis PDF

  • Sound Spacer Demo Interface ZIP

SMC 2018 Lecture